Kirill Lebedev, PhD

Respected executive technology leader offering on-time delivery of bleeding-edge cloud technology

Distributed systems designer and architect

Excellent Java and Scala full-stack development professional

Creative problem solving provider with 16 years of experience and sustainable changes orientation

BigData and Artificial Intelligence engineer

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Backend and Frontend Development

Java and Scala full-stack development including web UI targeting different cloud and on-premises platforms

Mobile development

Android (native, phonegap) and iOS (phonegap)

Agility and development processes

SCRUM, requirements management, scoping and decomposition, requirements translation into system architecture using both functional and object-oriented paradigm

Scalability and the large-scale systems

Deep knowledge of cloud services, MapReduce and Data pipelines (Spark and Google), NoSQL and BigData, actor-based Akka systems, microservices-based distributed architecture

On-time delivery and team code quality

Git and code review, Github and Gerrit flows, Jira development process management, continues integration using Jenkins

Data and Artificial Intelligence

Statistical inference and modeling/classification with experience in Neural networks and Deep Learning as well as data representation

Vision and direction

Ability to provide system and architecture vision that solves actual problems and execute it in development



Java, Scala, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Less, R, shell scripts


Google Cloud platform, JBoss, Typesafe Reactive Platform, Android, Java deployment with Docker


Hibernate, Spring, Spray, Akka, Play, modern JS frameworks, Gin/Guice, Deeplearning4j, Java Topology Suite and many more


NoSQL, MapReduce and data pipelining, Data analysis with R and Spark, SQL. Structured and unstructured data extraction, geospatial data.

Network/ Deployment

HTTP, Routing and NAT, DHCP, Cloud deployment including elastic provisioning and fleet management


Irkutsk State Technical University
Master Degree
September 1999 – June 2004
Degree: Master in Computer Science
Diploma thesis: Software development for graph-based manufacturing processes modeling
Irkutsk State Technical University
October 2005 – April 2008
Research topic: Method and instruments of Internet development. The PhD research was focused on complex J2EE web-application development based on i.Portal framework/web application platform.
Data Science Specialization – John Hopkins University, Coursera, 2015
Machine Learning – Coursera, 2013
Functional Programming Principles in Scala – Coursera, 2013
Aptech certified trainer (C, MSSQL, HTML/DreamWeaver, Java and Java for web) – Mumbai, August 2010
Tekama certified software architect – Moscow, February 2007


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